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2001 Annual Reports

Hon Gen Sec's Report

It's that time of year again, the one where I have to sit down and write a report on the year, and then get hundreds of photocopies done, followed by a frantic session of stuffing envelopes in order that everyone gets all the paperwork in good time for the AGM.

We are still ticking along quite nicely, at a pretty low level, with 19 racing members from a membership of approximately 35. Of those, only two rode a 12 Hour and qualified for the Club B.A.R., but I gather that others are threatening to have a go next year. We do still have members who have never ridden a 12 Hour, but who are beginning to wonder just what they could achieve at the distance - after all it's only a day's ride, just like a long clubrun...

We welcomed two new members this year: Ian Burt (ex-Surrey Roads CC) who has joined us because he feels that they are on their last legs. Their loss is our gain, but I would be sorry to hear that they really have ceased to exist. Also Amy Robinson, having felt no desire to race for many years has finally given in to the "go on, have a go, it's fun!" brigade. I'm not sure if she does find the racing "fun", but I hope that the challenge and the comradeship make it worthwhile. Finally there was the return, after a long absence, of Andy Pearce whom we are pleased to see again.

It had to happen: the moment I publicised a web address for the Phoenix (well a month later actually) I had an email from my provider stating that they were stopping the service, so the address that I listed last year vanished, as did my email address. With future continuity in mind, I have now signed us up for our own "domain name". Please don't stop reading here, this won't be too technical. We can now publicise the internet address of the Phoenix, to anyone remotely interested, and tell everyone that information about the club can be found online at: this shouldn't change now, no matter where the files are actually stored. For people who know little about the web: the first bit is common to almost all internet sites; the kprc should be obvious; the org indicates that we are a non-profit making organisation and the uk bit indicates that we are a UK organisation. Unfortunately not everyone follows this system, but I thought that we should.

I have tried to keep the format of the site simple, and to keep the information as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible during the season. I know that there are a (very) small number of people who look at the site on a regular basis and who appreciate the service. Please take a look if you can, and offer any suggestions if you think something should be added. I will do my best to include anything of interest. You will see that there are some links to stuff I plan to do, but have not yet had the time for. Also please let me know if you have any trouble seeing any of the pages as not all internet browsers are the same and I am unable to test the pages with every available browser.

To go with all of this, my email address is now and I can offer up to 17 other members as an email address. It is a pointer that can forward mail to any other email address and I am the webmaster who administers where the addresses point, so you will be able to change your receiving address (as seems to happen quite often) without any of your friends noticing - as long as you tell me!
Interested? Contact me.

This time last year we were contemplating the possibility of compulsory helmet-wearing in RTTC events. The National AGM voted this motion out, but the RTTC is still scared of litigation alleging that it is not doing enough to ensure riders' safety. It seems that at the moment we have reached an uneasy truce whereby we are told we should wear helmets for our own safety but can make up our own minds. It is your choice to wear a helmet or not: the committee believe that you are the best person to decide and that your choice should be respected.

Yet again a trip is planned to Majorca in the spring. I have rather lost count of how many times the club has been, so if anyone can help me document the details I would appreciate the help. I do remember that the first time Frank took us there was 1986.

Club Dinner: I forget now exactly how this all went, but I think that the Hotel Antoinette are due to be closed for redecoration on our chosen date (last Saturday in Feb) so we moved into March; then Brian found out that he was due to be on a family holiday in America on the reserve date, so we settled on 23rd March 2002 as it looked likely at the time that he would be our Club Champion. Meanwhile the family decided that having flown all that way they ought to stay for two weeks, which would then prevent Brian from coming after all. Unfortunately for Brian and family, the holiday has now been cancelled because of all the uncertainty following the September 11th attack in New York, so it looks like we will have our Club Champion at the dinner after all!

On top of everything else, no one told the Dinner Organiser - Jake - that we'd changed dates in March, so we booked the Disco for the wrong week. But I think we've got it all sorted out now...

I also believe that Frank is planning to be kind and arranging the Medium Gear for a different weekend. Don't know what's come over him!

Tickets, as usual, from Jake.

That's all from me, although I'm sure I've forgotten something that I should have said. My dream is for everybody to have internet access and be able to read the club noticeboard online. That way important information can be posted during the year, rather than crammed onto a single page each November - if it is even remembered at the right time.

Best Wishes for a safe and speedy 2002

Lisa Colombo: November 2001

Hon TT Sec's Report

Another racing season is over. Looking back over the 7 months of competition we have, once again, been fairly successful with our racing calendar.
Although the year started a bit disappointing in the Medium Gear on 1st April, only 5 members starting from a start sheet of 8. One non-starter being Grant who was the first puncture victim of the new season when his tyre blew off the rim, but with a fit Simon just getting inside an "8", perhaps the non-starters were the wise ones.
From then on things looked up regarding entries, with 262 - a record number - in the 16 club events promoted, a staggering 100 more than in the lean year of 1998. Included in this number were 69 Private Time Trials (PTTs) from other clubs. I like to think that riders from other clubs riding our club events do so for the professional attitude to our evening 10s, with a result sheet posted to them, but coupled also with the friendly atmosphere they are greeted with by all members during the evening. Hopefully we will continue with this theme.
The evening 10 on July 25th could have been a disaster, with 22 riders waiting to be dispatched, Ann was the first rider off at 19:31, Simon was last off at 19:53: this left me 4 minutes and 34 seconds to pack up the watch etc. and ride to the finish to time the first rider across the line, but of course this was unknown to me, and I spent the time riding to the finish constantly looking over my shoulder. The Interclub events this year went as predicted - we lost. The Redmon beat us by a mere 18 minutes in the 6 rider, 25 mile competition, but we came second in the 4 club Interclub 10 on the Portsmouth Road. At the time of going to print, I am not sure if this course will be used in 2002 due to the new traffic lights being installed at the Pains Hill interchange.

Club Records
As per last year these were all Vets records. Six for Ann and one for Ray. I urge all members to look through the record book, I am sure there is a record just waiting to be broken. If Ann can have an 11 minute late start added to her actual time and still break a Club Record, there could be others.

No one rider dominated the major awards this year, in fact seven members shared the eleven trophies. Brian won the Club B.A.R. for the 4th year running. Ann for the 3rd year is the Ladies Champion, but a new name will be engraved on the Vets Championship Trophy for 2001, that of Peter Edwards, but I predict not the last time. He missed out half of the season with a groin strain but still did a 1:0:51 on his last event of the year, a mere 13 seconds short of the 25 Cup. This was won by Simon who also won the Club Events trophy for the 4th year running along with the Kingston to Worthing Trophy, now 7 times. Joe Bertorelli proved too good for the Club Handicapper, again winning the Dare Trophy for the 2nd year running. Might I thank Brian, our Club Handicapper, for his work during the year, and hope he continues with this task.

New Members
One member renewing his membership after an absence of too many years was Andy Pearce, his 1st and only event this year being the Club 2Up 10. On reaching the HQ immediately after finishing he was heard to comment "now I recall why I packed up in the first place". But it is good to see him enjoying club life and just riding the bike. Two other new members who have raced this year are Ian Burt, an ex Surrey Road CC member, and Amy Robinson who, although her first love is touring, still produces some good times in the club events.

Mature Members
Other members such as Iain Margery are still being conned into riding by his wife Carolyn. Tony Tugwell has produced some good times now that he doesn't drive some 50 000 odd work miles annually. Ron, our President, got a Vets plus with his only event of the year, a 10 at Maidenhead, after an annual mileage of some 400 miles (although it was a bit of a float evening). Pete missed the Vets trophy by a whisker when Peter E did his "0" in his last 25 of the year. Jen's recurring back problem curtailed her season to a few (for her) gentle 10s. Lisa rode her fastest 25 for 6 years and Jackie gained strength from her road racing exploits for some good times. Andrew Hewett and Mark Mc had fairly quiet seasons, but hope to see more of them next year.

The Open 10
Thanks to the regular army of helpers, this year's event went of very well (dare I say "As usual"), and with the generosity of club members and friends with their monetary donations we made a small profit. The 2002 event is on Saturday 20th April, unfortunately this clashes with the Phoenix members who are training in Majorca, but if the same members and friend that always help, that should not be a problem.

Predictions For Next Year
Who will win what......?
I feel it will be much the same as this year, but if Ray rode the distances he would be Vets Champion, Peter Edwards to win the fastest 25, and Simon to win the 50 Championship, and Ian Burt to definitely win the George Crouch Trophy.

We will see.....

Do have a good winter and prepare for next season with our Sunday alternative rides.

Frank Cubis
Time Trial Sec.

As Frank said about his original copy of this report " all the words are spelt correctly, it's just that the spell checker didn't always know which word I was trying to spell".
I guess that most of this copy of the report on the internet will be very slightly different to the paper copy because I have had to type it out again - Lisa.

Hon RR Sec's Report

There were only 3 active members this year, Simon, Lisa and myself. We all started with good intentions, to race as many Handicaps as possible. Lisa rode the first 4 and then found the 7.15 start too hard to reach after work. Simon rode 3 events and won 1st 4th cat twice and his highest placing was 11th which was fantastic. Lisa had a 1st lady in one race. I rode 5 Handicaps and the South East Ladies Championships at windswept Goodwood, where I came 7th.

Our contribution to the Surrey League was to hold 2 Time Trials round sporting courses at Leigh and Rusper, These were "enter on the line" as well as pre-entry and were quite successful. The local road racers were mixing with time triallists, which made a nice change. We also made tea and cakes at another event and made £70 profit in all.

Next year, the Surrey League wants us to promote the same two time trials again. The provisional dates are Leigh on the 8th June and Rusper on the 28th September.

Total Surrey League Points and Prize Money

Jake 11 pts £16.50
Simon 7 pts £10.50
Lisa 4 pts £6.00

So I will get the cup this year!

Next year will be a different story.

All the best for next year,


PS: The fact only 7 ladies rode the championship is my secret.

Hon Treasurer's Report