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1990 Annual Reports

Hon Gen Sec's Report

Once again it is report time of the year where we look back over the last 12 months in the Club's history and forward to the next. Despite last year's resignations - something which I am pleased to say has not been repeated this year - the membership remains at approximately 45. We have had a number of new members who have balanced up last year's losses.

We welcome Matt Schutz from the ranks of the Cheam and Morden, and young Bradley Goggin, who works with Jake's husband: both of whom joined late in the season, but will hopefully follow in the footsteps of Gary Dodd. Gary rode the August evening 10 last year with a modest "28" and has gone on to give our established riders a run for their money this year: culminating in some excellent performances in the Hill Climbs this autumn and he is now a major force in our Roller Racing team.
We also welcome Dave Sinclair and Bob Watts of the Surrey Roads who have joined second claim. And lastly Les Parker, one of Pete Mitchell's ex stokers, who was enticed and then cajoled into riding one of the evening 10's and enjoyed it so much that he then rode the Hilly 12.

Brian Powney has spent much of the year chasing our clothing supplier who, although giving up the clothing business in favour of being a milkman, promised to fill the order sent in April. He took over 6 months about it, and we had all but given up and then the clothing arrived last week and everyone is happy finally. Brian is now considering alternative suppliers and is looking to make up an order for anyone who wants racing vests/jackets etc. in club colours. Anyone interested should get in touch with him now, with a view to the new kit arriving ready for next season.

Our continued problems with the date-fixing by London South seem to be over, as the new London South committee have arranged the date-fixing meeting, for the 1991 season, at the beginning of December. It is to be hoped that next year's list of club events will be available for distribution quite early in the year, and that our more distant members can collect it at the dinner. The one problem we do have for next season is that London South have banned the Portsmouth Road course G214 due to the new Sainsbury's in Cobham. Fortunately this does not apply to Sunday morning events.

Which brings me to the Phoenix Open 10. As you might already know, Frank Cubis is taking over organisation of the Open 10. It will be held on Sunday morning April 7th 1991. I am not sure of the start time at the moment, although I understand that it might be somewhat later than of recent years. So keep the date free to help Frank with the event.

And so to the Club Dinner. I'm sure everyone will agree that it was a success this year at the Drift Bridge, so the venue has been booked again for next year. Date is, as usual, the last Saturday in February, which I believe to be the 23rd. Rosemary Powney is once again doing the organising, and tickets can be obtained from her nearer the date.

Majorca is wavering in popularity, but nine of us went in two groups this year and once again thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and a similarly sized group has been booked for next year, with some new blood showing interest. That will make it the sixth year that the "Phoenix Training Camp" has gone there. Next year they are trying a different part of the island, from our usual location of Puerto Pollensa in the north-east.

A new trophy was competed for this year, the Dare Trophy, worked on a points system, similar to the Points Trophy, but based on handicap times to give everyone a chance to win it. The Committee is submitting a rule amendment at the AGM to cover this trophy.

Attendance of committee meetings by the various members has generally been good, the exception being our President, Ron Powney, who has been on holiday so often this year that we gave up trying to organise the meetings so that he could be present. Finally, in an attempt to corner him at the last committee meeting, we had the meeting at his house only days before he and Doreen set off on their three month trip. Rosemary reckoned that he would have to be home then, and he was - just!

I don't believe that any of the committee members are attempting to escape from the committee this year, which is somewhat unusual. Ron is prepared to stand as President again if we so wish. He did say that we could take the opportunity to find a new President it we want, but I'm not so sure that he seriously wants us to. (Hello Ron, I know you'll be reading this sooner or later!)

Finally I should like to remind everyone that the 1991 subs became due on 1st November and could everyone please pay up promptly, because it makes life so much easier for Les Johnson and I. Money to Les, or to myself if you are unable to find him!

The Committee currently are:

Position Member
President Ron Powney
Hon Gen Sec Lisa Colombo
Time Trials Sec Simon Mitchell
BCF Sec Bill Bishop
Treasurer Les Johnson
Committee Members Frank Cubis
Iain Margery
Brian Powney
Rosemary Powney
Press Secretary Any volunteers!
Auditors Ray Dare
George Powney

Good Luck and Best Wishes to everyone for the 1991 season.

Hon. Gen. Sec.
Lisa Colombo.

LC 1990

Hon TT Sec's Report


Hon RR Sec's Report


Hon Treasurer's Report