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As has ALWAYS been the case, despite the fact that many people do not understand it, the correct address for our club website is:, this will always take you to the most current version of the website. It is precisely because so many people do not understand it that it is important.

Note to Club Officials - this is the address that should be given out as our website, anything else is wrong. Anyone linking to the website should use this link.

This archive contains thousands of pages of information about the club: results, minutes, photographs; and is constantly being expanded as I have the time to digitise all the information that I have. It doesn't fit the format of the new site and would be an almighty job to copy across. It is going to be enough effort for me to correctly format the pages in its new role solely as the club archive, because I always anticipated that it would be part of the club site found at the above link, thus many links within this site are now incorrect.

I have tried to link to an rss feed for the new site, in the way the original blog posts are shown here, but there doesn't seem to be an public rss feed to link to.

Basically I am going to keep playing in my own little sand box. I know when I am not wanted.

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